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Human Rights & Organizational Management

Governments are continually and progressively finding it necessary to practice and demonstrate human rights as a cornerstone of national development programs and the general conduct of public business.

It is similarly becoming progressively important that both private and public organizations must do a lot within the context of their own strategy and operations to support and respect the observance of human rights.

We help organizations to develop a Human Rights Matrix which is helpful for mapping both risks and opportunities and the management approaches that can link the two to enhance organizational strategy.

Our general Human Rights & Organizational
Management services

  • Formulation of human rights policies and strategies
  • Human rights due diligence at the corporate, market, product, or site levels that identifies unique company impacts, risks, and opportunities
  • Tools to monitor and communicate performance and progress in advancing human rights
  • Community and stakeholder engagements to build consensus and harmony for human rights objective for projects and programs
  • Policies and processes for articulating corporate commitments to human rights and integrating human rights into core business functions
  • Trainings and capacity building for advancing human rights programs in public and private sector organizations

Our Service Deliverables

Facilitating public and private sector organizations to develop and implement a Human Rights Frameworks that help to enhance the following:

  • Improved stakeholder relations
  • Improved employee recruitment, retention, and motivation
  • Improved risk assessment and management
  • Reduced risk of consumer protests
  • Enhanced corporate reputation and brand image
  • A more secure license to operate
  • Strengthened shareholder / owner confidence
  • More sustainable business relationships with governments, business partners, trade unions, sub-contractors and suppliers