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Youth empowerment & transformation

Africa has the youngest population in the world, and about 70% of sub-Saharan Africa is under the age of 30. This young population presents high potential for socio-economic transformation. However it will take strategic focus on youth empowerment to realize the potential they hold for the continent.

Without properly managing the continent’s young population and being deliberate about harnessing their potential towards development initiatives, relevant challenges could escalate into crises for majority of African countries.

FASTWIT partners with government departments, civil society organizations as well as private sector players that aim to tap the potential of youths and enhance their contribution to the development of Africa.

We offer training and capacity building programs on:

  • Entrepreneurship and Empowerment for youths
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Mentorship and mindset change
  • Skills for management of business start-ups
  • Communication skills / social media in business
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for early retirement
  • Agriculture and farming as a business
  • Financial management for start-ups and SMEs

Our Service Deliverables

  • An empowered and skilled mass of youths, able to identify and take advantage of available opportunities andcreate others.
  • A right mindset among our youths resulting in a positive outlook and understanding of their contribution toKenya, the region and Africa.
  • A positively engaged youth mass, solution-oriented and tuned to the challenges and opportunities of their times.